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Group Home

Ourcare, Inc. provides group home services on a voluntary basis to individuals who make application and who determine the service system at Ourcare Inc. is able to meet their needs. When an individual applies for services to Ourcare, Inc. they do so with the knowledge of the philosophy and approach to services provided in an integrated and diverse community- based setting. The program service plane focuses on the following group home living element.

Ourcare Inc. Group Home Services Program Provides:

  • A wide range of skills and choices about life style;
  • Community group home models that accommodate a wide range of choices which individuals and their families make about how to live in the community;
  • That community group home models are designed to give preference to small and individualized settings;
  • That individuals with development disabilities have the same range of options about where to live in the community as are available to all people; and
  • That Ourcare Inc. respects and supports personal choice regarding decisions about where and with whom individuals with development disabilities may live.
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