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At OurCare, Inc., our client’s overall well-being is our primary focus. We dedicate our skills, time, and resources to ensure that they are able to receive the respect, care, and support that they need. We endeavor to provide services that can help our clients remain active participants in the community, and we aim to make sure that their quality of life is high despite whatever disability or challenges they are facing.

Our services include:

What Separates OurCare, Inc. from the Rest

OurCare, Inc. fosters the self-directed approach as much as possible and as each individual served is capable. This is a process by which the individual served is involved in the selection process that directs their support services in order to meet their daily needs and long-term goals. This process is built on the principles of self-determination, which includes the freedom to make choices; the authority over services and support, the responsibility for organizing resources and supports necessary to live in the community.

OurCare, Inc. is designed to explore new ways of supporting individuals with intellectual developmental disability to have increased power and control over planning, budgeting, expending and managing their day to day services.

The individuals served are encouraged and mentored to:

  • Participate in planning their lives, identifying needed supports and services for inclusion in their Individual Plan;
  • Participate in the budgeting plans for acquiring day-to-day needs and support services;
  • Participate in selecting and arrangement for services and supports to implement their Individual Plan;
  • Be accountable for the use of services and payments through their Individual Budget;
  • Be creative in the development and implementation of their Individual Plans and Budgets to more effectively meet their needs and more efficiently use their available resources;
  • Serve as leaders and self-advocates for their self-directed services as appropriate to their individual needs and abilities.

We would be happy to answer any other inquiries that you might have about our services. Simply Set An Appointment now to meet with one of our representatives, or you can give us a call at 240-825-3806 for assistance.

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